The All-In-All Review Of Board Portal Software In 2022

Programs for the management of the company allow managers to work more efficiently, respond faster to various critical situations and eliminate risks for the common cause. In the article below, you will get acquainted with the most relevant applications for the board of companies as of 2022.

Azeus Convene

According to managers, this application deserves the most attention, as it is suitable for companies of different sizes and fields of activity. The strengths of Azeus Convene are a large set of tools for creating and demonstrating presentations, scheduling meetings, and voting.

Using the platform, you can work on joint documents, exchange notes on them. It is possible to track the actions of different users in documents, on working boards.

The program can collect reports and prepare minutes of meetings, in it you can certify documents with your signature.

Since the role of different members of the board is not the same, the administrator can set up roles for each of the employees to expand or limit his powers. The program is available on all the most popular devices, which allows you to urgently respond to any calls.


This platform not only facilitates the communication of managers but also helps with decision-making in crises, providing the maximum amount of data for analysis.

You can use the application from any device, even from a smartphone. You can participate in meetings, view documents, read reports, download documents, cast your vote in voting.

One of the advantages of the iBabs program is an increased level of security: all data is stored on the developers’ servers, which are almost impossible to hack, there are encryption and double authentication systems.

This product can be used by subscription – the user is charged its cost per month. Depending on the abundance of the function, the price fluctuates.


If you are looking for a simple platform that will be as clear as possible, and also able to help you with analytical work, then OnBoard is the best fit. All managers have the opportunity to participate in remote meetings from any device at any time of the day.

The application has integration with Zoom, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workplace, Outlook, the ability to collaborate on documentation, exchange data in real time, discuss, make suggestions, conduct surveys.

Each user has their board, which contains information about upcoming remote meetings, unfinished projects, acute and urgent situations.

Before purchasing a product, developers offer the opportunity to thoroughly test it.


Security is the first point that the creators of this software worked on. Here you can hold meetings of the board, sign documents with an electronic signature and not worry about a possible loss of information.

The developers provide a demo version of the product for a month, after which you can choose a plan that meets your requirements. Also, the project team is ready to help new users get comfortable with the ContractZen program.

According to users, this application has a very well-implemented quick search through documents with the ability to import and export, edit. For comfortable work, the Microsoft package is integrated.

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